A Free Internet Store?

That's right. Poloworks is the Internet portal to your organization’s cost-free — yes, cost-free — on-line store where your members, employees, and customers can go for custom sportswear professionally embroidered or screen-printed to your specifications.

What's The Catch? 

There isn't one. You see, Poloworks actually began as part of the Corporate Promotions Group at Information Architects, an innovative creative marketing and communications firm specializing in corporate identity, branding, web design, multimedia production, and promotions.

As we noticed an increasing demand from our clients for more exclusive corporate premiums — not just give-aways, but attractive, high-quality merchandise that employees would actually want to purchase — as well as a growing thirst for e-commerce applications, a light went on.

We thought… What if we could offer businesses, organizations, and associations an on-line store where their employees, members — even their customers — could log on, browse, and buy custom merchandise 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world? And then somehow enable these businesses to open this on-line store without their having to invest a penny? No thousands of dollars for infrastructure, database development, hardware, software, web design, implementation, monthly hosting, or credit card processing —  and best of all, no inventory to buy, manage, package or ship!

And the rest, as they say, is history. And Poloworks — the absolutely cost-free opportunity for your organization to open its own exclusive online store where members can go anytime, from anywhere, for custom sportswear professionally personalized to your specifications.

Take a look at a sample store and if you have any questions about how a free e-Store might work for selling your official gear, give us a shout!